Nov. 18th

9:00-9:15  Opening

9:15-10:15  Keynote speech I
Chair: Maomi Ueno
Constraint Optimal Search on Learning Bayesian Network Structure Seiya Imoto (University of Tokyo)

Coffee Break

Learning I
Chair: Joe Suzuki

10:35-11:00  Tao Chen, Nevin L. Zhang and Yi Wang
The Role of Operation Granularity in Search-Based Learning of Latent Tree Models

11:00-11:25  Masakazu Ishihata, Taisuke Sato and Shin-ishi Minato
Parameter Learning for Bayesian Networks on Shared Binary Decision Diagrams

11:25-11:50  Navid Bazzazzadeh
Modeling the Dynamic Topology of Bayesian Networks for Time Series Data


Application I
Chair: Yoichi Motomura

13:40-14:05  Takamitsu Hashimoto and Maomi Ueno
Latent Conditional Independence Test for Bayesian Network IRT

14:05-14:30  Ronnie Johansson and Christian Mårtenson
Information Acquisition for General Bayesian Networks with Uncertain Observations

14:30-14:55  Koji Nomori, Yoshifumi Nishida, Yoichi Motomura and Tatsuhiro Yamanaka
Computational Prediction and Control of Injury Risk Using Bayesian Network

Coffee Break

15:20-16:20  Keynote speech II
Chair: Shin-ichi Minato
A Brief History of Belief Propagation
Arthur Choi (UCLA)

Application II
Chair: Neil Rubens

16:35-17:00  Leonard K. M. Poon, Nevin L. Zhang, Tao Chen, Tengfei Liu and Yi Wang
Using Bayesian Networks for Model-Based Multiple Clusterings: An Example of Exploratory Analysis on NBA Data

17:00-17:25  Yuuji Ichisugi
Parameter Learning of a Cerebral Cortex Model based on a Bayesian Network

17:25-17:50  Yoichi Motomura
Applied Human Modeling using Bayesian Networks in Service Engineering

19:00-  Banquet

Nov. 19th

9:10-10:10  Keynote speech III
Chair: Taisuke Sato
Relax, Compensate and then Recover: A Theory of Anytime, Approximate Inference
Adnan Darwiche (UCLA)

Coffee Break

Chair: Neil Rubens

10:30-10:55  Shin-ichi Minato
Discrete Structure Manipulation System and Applications for Uncertain Data Processing

10:55-11:20  Kiyoharu Hamaguchi
MAP Inference on ZDD-based Representation of Bayesian Networks

11:20-11:45  Yu Nishiyama, Xingyao Ye and Alan Yuille
A Family of CCCP Algorithms which Minimize the TRW Free Energy


13:10-14:10  Keynote speech IV
Chair: Kenji Yamanishi
Towards Objective Learning of Bayesian Networks
Petri Myllymäki (University of Helsinki)

Learning II
Chair: Takashi Isozaki

14:15-14:40  Joe Suzuki
Information Criteria and their Strong Consistency for Learning Bayesian Networks

14:40-15:05  Maomi Ueno
Optimal Dirichlet Prior for Bayesian Network

Coffee Break

Chair: Hei Chan

15:30-15:55  Fumiaki Kobayashi and Manabu Kuroki
Statistical Inference of Natural Direct and Indirect Effects and its Application

15:55-16:20  Doris Entner and Patrik O. Hoyer
Discovering Unconfounded Causal Relationships using Linear Non-Gaussian Models

16:20-16:45  Masaaki Nishino and Akihiro Yamamoto
Integrating Probabilistic Reasoning and Logic for Expressing Human Inference with Uncertainty

16:45-16:55  Closing